Monday, September 28, 2009

John Stockton

My favorite player of all time and the best point guard to ever play the game of basketball (There is no way to argue this, he is the all time leader in assists and steals and what else better for a point guard to do!)l was inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame!

This is my favorite Jazz moment of all time. John Stockton sending the Jazz to the NBA Finals. I love when he gets the ball and the Houston broadcaster says "UH OH!"

This is a great John Stockton Tribute

"What Matters Most"

I love this message by President Thomas S. Monson! I just wish I was a little better at remembering it in my own life. It's only like 2 minutes long so take the time to watch it :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GO BEARS!!!!!!!

I am very excited for football season! Not as excited as I am for basketball season, but I still love it! I've been a Chicago Bears fan for as long as I can remember! I have always loved them. I got it from my Grandma Rhonda, my mom's mom who died when I was 7. She was from Chicago and loved the Bears. I don't remember a lot about her because I was so young, so this is something that even though she isn't here anymore I'm sure we still share :) The Bears are 1-1 but I'm very excited about their win over the Steelers!!!!! And I am so excited that we finally have a decent quarterback! GO CUTLER!!! and GO BEARS!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

♥~Happy Birthday Becca~♥

Today is Becca's 31st Birthday :) She is my best friend in the whole wide world and I have no idea what I would do without her! I love that for 6 months and 1 day she gets to be a yr older than me! There are so many reasons I love Becca but here are the top 10!

1. I can talk to her about anything! I never have to fear judgement with her. I can tell her how I really feel.

2. We can be totally honest with each other. Fighting for us is not even an option because I can just tell her exactly how I feel and vice versa we understand each other because we are so much alike.

3. She listens to me talk for hours about the dumbest things randomly stopping me to say "hush" or "oh please!" and of course the famous "WHATEVER!"

4. She doesn't tell me what I want to hear. I know that that sounds kind of weird, but when I really want advice I go to her because I know she'll be honest with me if I'm being a jerk she'll tell me, and if I'm right she'll justify me, but she'll never just say what I want to hear and I love that about her

5. She is a great example to me in so many ways. She is a great mother who puts time and effort into raising her boys. I love her boys and that she lets me be a part of their life too. She had a huge part in me getting to the temple. When I'm not doing all I need to she reminds me how important the little things are, and pushes me to do more and to be better.

6. We are so much alike it's scary! She knows what I'm thinking before I can even say it.
We call it the Bestie Connection!

7.She never gets tired of me sending her my random thoughts through text! (or if she does she never acts like it!) She keeps in contact with me even when she's busy. She does nice little thoughtful things for me when I'm struggling with life.

8. She is always willing to forgive me when I act like me and how I can get. I know I can be a real beast at times, but she puts up with me.

9. I got this quote out of a book she is letting me borrow right now, but it is exactly what she does for me." Most folks figure a true friend is someone who accepts them as they are, but that's dangerous garbage to believe. The kid who works at your local fast food restaurant accepts you for who you are-because he doesn't care anything about you. But a true friend holds you to a higher standard. A true friend brings out the best in you. A best friend will tell you the truth and a wise best friend will include a healthy dose of perspective"

10. Becca is by far one of the busiest people I know, but she is always willing to make time for me when I know she doesn't have it. I know that Heavenly Father played a huge part in her coming into my life. We've joked that He couldn't handle either one of us anymore, so He threw us together. It's amazing how over the last year both of us have changed so much for the better and how we have helped each other to get there.

Happy Birthday Becca! Thanks for being my bestie :) ♥ya lots!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

♥Chase's Farewell♥

My cousin Chase is leaving for Brazil on September 16th, so Jess, Tori and I went up to SLC over Labor Day weekend to see him before he goes. He had had his actual farewell on the 16th of August the day after my Temple date, so we weren't able to make it up then. I think this worked out better anyway because we got to spend the whole day with Chase and the rest of the Payne family, and of course Kacie, Payton and Treyson since we stayed with them:) I love my family so much, and am so thankful that we are close. I am so proud of Chase for the decision he has made to go on a mission and serve the Lord!
This is all the cousins on the Sullivan side minus Christan and Randy :(

Daniel, Kacie, Jess, Me, Zach, Treyson, and Chase. This mantle and wall are famous! The same place we took all the pictures when Daniel left for his mission.

Chase with my favorite niece and nephew :)

Daniel and Chase

There is never a dull moment when the Sullivans and Paynes get together. This is our dinner at Chili's. Lets just say Tori decided to lick the dessert plate. (I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff!) The waitress came back while she has licking the plate and said "Oh MY!" "Do you want some wetnaps or something?"

I had to post this one because I love Jessica's face!

Me and Krystle♥

Daniel and Jess

Dinner at Chili's

This is a video of Payton that I took and couldn't resist posting. I have taught her that when someone says "Who Loves You?" she says "Nant Ne!" so I had to record it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breathe In..Breathe Out....

I guess this is going to be kind of a rambling post. My emontions right now are so mixed up..scared, excited and so many other things. A little over two weeks ago I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. Breaking up with someone that you thought you would spend the rest of your life with and someone who you hadn't been apart from for more than a couple days in 12 years is a huge life change. I know without a doubt that I have made the right decision. I knew by a power that was not my own that in order to look to my future and the things I want for the rest of my life I had to do it, but it doesn't make it any easier. Some days are so good, and some days are so bad. Luckily, I have been blessed with a great class this year, teaching them helps me get through those bad days :) The fact I am "single" seems so weird. I hardly remember what that even means or how to act! My family and friends have been so supportive, and more than I could ever ask for. I have to keep reminding myself that there is a reason for everything and that because I am doing the things now that I know I need to do (I am in no way perfect) and because I am being faithful in following the things that I know I need to do that things will start looking up! My sister sent me a card in the mail telling me how proud of me she was for taking this leap of faith, and thanking me for being an example to my niece, Payton, when I get sad I have to remember how important she is to me, and as she grows up how important it will be that I am a good example to her in all I do, including Temple marriage. So for now it seems like it's all I can do to breathe in and breathe out and just get through the day and hope tomorrow will be better :) The last time I remember being this hurt and confused was when my Grandpa Dee passed away. I know with my Heavenly Father's help I will be able to get through this and just have to have hope and faith that everything with work out for the best and how it needs to. I know that I have to rely on Him and keep doing those things that are important, as hard as it is right now. I am so grateful for my wonderful friends who have listened and helped me get through this. Becca, who never gives up on me no matter how negative I get and just keeps promising me tomorrow will be better. My sister and Mom and Dad have been so good in supporting me in this decision and checking in with me, and basically just letting me know that they will support me no matter what decision I make or what I do, and that means a ton! And of course my grandma who always worries about and calls to check on me. For now, I have to just keep repeating to myself the old phrase "Time heals all things!"