Sunday, September 12, 2010

~Random Rambling~

I thought I would just do a quick update since I am trying to get better at keeping up with my blog. I start my second masters class tomorrow, so I will be in class two nights a week now instead of just one, we'll see how that goes :) I'm so thankful for Chelsie and that she is doing this with me because I don't know how else I would survive if we couldn't figure out and complain about things together.

This is an old picture but I just have to say how much fun I have been having with these girls lately :) Kara and I spent Labor Day weekend over in Parowan at the Iron County Fair which I love and until last year hadn't missed going in forever. We went to the rodeo on Sat. night and then back on Monday for the horse of my favorite things in the whole world. They bring back so many good memories of my childhood and the time spent with my grandparents there. I'm so glad that Kara is willing to go with me and likes being there too. It seems like the three of us haven't been able to do anything all together in a long time, so we've just been doing random things seperately. MaCail and I have had a ton of fun together lately going to movies, just talking and working on little projects:) I'm so thankful for both of these girls and that we are such good friends.

Today is Becca's 32nd birthday! I love that for 6 months and a day she gets to be older than me. She's not much for birthdays or making a big deal of them, but she humors me and lets me even though I know she totally hates it. I love Becca so much and am thankful everyday that she's my best friend and for the relationship we have :) Happy Birthday Bec!

Yes! Football season! I am so excited :) I just know my bears are going to do great this year. 1-0 and off to a great start!

Can I tell you how much I miss these two already! I stole this picture off of my sister's blog. I can't believe how much bigger Treyson looks since the last time I saw him. I hate so much that I am missing so much with them being so far away. It makes my day to be able to talk to Payton on the phone.

I went down to Mesquite and stayed with the girls for the weekend, which was great and something I haven't done for awhile so it was good to just spend time with them. Tori was cheering at a game one night and the next Cooper and Caleb had football games down there, so it worked out perfectly. Jessica and Tori came to the games with me and hung out. I didn't get any pictures of Tori because she took off with her friends not too long after we got there:) Cooper loves to use my camera and walk around taking pictures of everything. Here he is in action!

Jayden has had a crush on Jessica since he met her, so it's always funny when they get together. It always takes him a minute to warm up but before long he is on her lap and playing with her. This picture is classic:) Who is that weirdo in the background with her mouth open?

Caleb in his football uniform. When did this kid get so big? Watching him on the field is crazy because he looks so big out there. He's still the one who will always give me a hug though :)