Monday, March 21, 2011

Dear Blog...School Has Taken Over My Life!!!!

So it's been almost two months and once again updating my blog has gotten away from me, mostly because of school! BOO! Doing homework again and sitting in class really bites! I have discovered that I defintely do have a case of ADD! Luckily I have Chelsie to share in the pain with me otherwise I don't know what I would do. Anyway, Here is what has been going on the last couple of months.

I went to Oregon for Spring Break to visit my sister and of course my adorable niece and nephew! I had so much fun with them. It's crazy how big they are both getting especially Payton! I had her promise me she was going to stop growing up :)

We went to this place with some really cool waterfalls, I forgot the name! The day I got to Oregon I had to go to Instacare where after sitting for a couple of hours they told me I had an ear infection. Just my luck! It felt like my right ear was going to explode!

So Pretty!

Me with the kids, and they are both smiling :)

Payton loves me to take pictures so she can pull "funny faces" and then look at the pictures.

Oh and P.S. I lost one of my contacts while I was there too so I wore my glasses for three days.. I look awesome I know!

Cute little Treyson

Um..when did she get so big! Seriously! Wasn't it just yesterday she was a baby?

I love this shirt! She know what it says too and she'll tell you "My aunt is my BFF!"

Now we move to my birthday! I turned 32 on the 13th BOO! That sounds so freakin old! My birthday was great. I am so grateful for awesome friends and family. My day started with breakfast with Becca at 6:15 (she says it was 7:15) but it was still 6:15 to me.:) She had been freaking me out all week about what she might do sending me texts the night before that said "Are you getting nervous yet?" I have to admit after my 30th birthday I was. I was also a bit scared since she's the only person who has a key to my house, luckily she just showed up really early and took me to breakfast and gave me an awesome purple watch! I love it! Later that night I went down to Mesquite and had dinner with my family my mom made a great cake for me and it was nice to just be able to spend time with everyone. I got lots of great stuff from my family. I also got some really cute things from all of my friends. I'm so lucky to have all of them :) Jen took me to dinner the day after my birthday and even let me choose Chuckarama and then we watched the finale of The Bachelor. She got me a cute present and the best card ever, it was so thoughtful and sweet . I love that she takes the time to write such nice stuff to me even though I know sometimes I don't deserve it.

Me and the girls! I love them so much.

My class did a birthday party for me that day before Spring Break. Usually I am able to avoid my birthday because it's almost always over Spring Break and the kids don't remember, which is fine by me..This year Becca made sure they knew and that they gave me the proper celebration since she couldn't be there to do it. A couple of my girls actually planned it and did most of it. My room mom came in and helped, but they did a great job. I am so thankful for such an awesome class this year. This year is going by way too fast and I am going to miss them so much

Thanks for the awesome cake Maddy!

Nascar two weekends in a row? Yes I think so! This is in Las Vegas and yes we are wearing matching shirts, but Kara's says "Edwards" and mine says "Kenseth"

We went to Phoenix for Kara's birthday and had so much fun! We love the headphones :)

Phoenix at the Saturday race.

I got to play with the boys for a night. Too bad the rules say I'm too old to be on the playground equipment so I had to just take pictures.

Do they come any cuter? I love that little smile :)

I love Coop :)

I know she's going to kill for me this picture but seriously we have no pictures together besides this one in like the last year! Don't be mad at're not allowed, and really who reads my blog anyway? I had to get glasses so I dragged Bec with me and tryed on like a hundred pairs before I made a decision. I knew she would be honest with me and I didn't want to be stuck with an ugly pair of glasses!

Remember you're not allowed to be mad at be and you're stuck with me anyway!