Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phoenix!!!! Nascar and Baseball!!!

A couple weekends ago Kara, MaCail and I decided to pack up and go to Phoenix for the weekend for a Nascar race and a baseball game. I was excited to go to another Nascar race (redneck I know!) and I had never seen a professional baseball game so I was excited for my first experience at that also :) We left Friday at about 3 and made a few stops on the way. We went up over Jacob's Lake. I've been to Phoenix, but never that way before so it was exciting for me to see places I've never been to.
Here I am in a rock that we found on the way. I'm not sure sure where we even were, but the rocks were cool so we decided to stop and take pictures.

Here we are at Lee's Ferry with the Colorado River behind us.

On Saturday before the race we stopped at the Mesa Temple and walked around. I loved the outside looks of this temple. It would have been neat to go in and do a session. Next time :) I'm thankful every time I go to a different temple that I am now able to go inside and I don't have to sit outside and wish.

Taking a few pictures in the trees outside the temple.


After the race. The race was great, very exciting at the end!

Outside the Diamondbacks stadium.

Kara and I sat right above the Pirates pitcher's bull pen, so we got to look down on some pretty hot baseball players!

At the end of the game. It was so hot! The Diamondbacks won the game 13 to 4 I think. The most excitement was when a ball came at us. Too bad we didn't bring out mitts! It ended up about 5 rows above us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Payton is 3!

On March 28th Payton turned 3! I can hardly believe she is that old! I went up with my mom and Tori for the weekend for her birthday. We went to Jumping Jacks and then came back and had a little party at Kacie's house. Payton is getting so big! Talking so good, and has such a little mind of her own. I love her so much and no matter what she does she melts my heart:)

This is her perfect little diva pose!

Opening presents :)

Hitting her Dora Pinata.

Kacie's friend Lindsey made this amazing cake!

Couldn't leave out Treyson, he is such a cutie :) I have to teach him to say Aunt T now. I'm pretty sure Payton was about his age when she started saying it.

Tori did Payton's hair so cute! Here she is posing with her "dolly!"

My favorite niece! Love her so much!

Friday, April 2, 2010

~Spring Break 2010 Mexican Riveria Cruise!~

I know it has taken me forever to blog about my cruise, but here it finally is! Over Spring Break Becca and I went on a 7 day cruise to Mexico, and it was awesome :) All but one day the weather was really warm, we couldn't have asked for better. We got upgraded at the last minute to a balcony room, which by the way was so worth it! We eat way too much food and especially that late night ice cream and pizza! The first three days were at sea days, so we had fun just laying out by the pool and basically just doing nothing :) Wed we went to Puerta Vallarta, Thurs to Matzalan, Friday to Cabo, and Sat. was another sea day. Sat was really the only day it was too cold to lay out. It was so much fun and the time went by so fast! I have picture overload below :)

She's probably going to kill me for posting this picture, but this is Becca's impression of a real California driver! We went down the night before the ship left and stayed in Long Beach and it was raining so hard! But, just like always she cool, calm and collective driving through it while I admit I was a little scared and glad I wasn't driving :)

Getting ready to get on the ship :)

The awesome water slide at the top of the ship!

Sailing away from Long Beach

Becca waving as we sailed away from Long Beach :)

Wasting time doing a safety drill :(

From our balcony
I usually hate feet! Everyone knows I totally have a foot phobia, but for some reason I love the pictures of our feet off the balcony.

We are soooo awesome! :))

Cabo on the way to Puerta Vallerta, they had to stop and drop off a sick passenger.


I love the background in this picture

Puerta Vallarta

On our way to our Canopy Adventure

In Puerta Vallarta we took a Canopy Tour where we zip lined from tree top to tree top. I have to admit I was a little scared at first (heights aren't my favorite thing) of course Becca had no fear and went ahead and went first (we had 14 people in our group). After the 1st zip line my fear was gone, and it was sooo much fun! We had about an hour drive up there in this crazy army truck thing with only these things to hang out to. The Mexican guy driving was driving like a maniac! No speed limit signs to be found anywhere :)

The army truck we rode up in!

Becca stopped and posed for all the pictures! There are many with her sticking her tongue out going across the zip line. Where mine I couldn't even look at the camera because I'm concentrating on not dying :) Just kidding! I thought she would kill me if I posted them though and I can't afford to lose my best friend right now ha ha :)

The tour guide threw a cup of water on me so my shirt is soaked. Apparently there is a song in Mexico called "Tara" and he loved singing it..over and over...

Zip line
After it was all over.

We passed an LDS church :) It was so neat to see!

From our balcony right before we left Puerta Vallarta

Mazatlan getting ready to go on a tour of the city with "Jorge" No we didn't plan to wear twinner shirts :)


Matzalan, Mexico

Crazy Cliff Diver

My new hair-do for the rest of the cruise! I loved the braids :)


Flea market in Cabo

These guys just walked around carrying huge gun, so we thought it would be fun to get a picture with one of them.

Cabo, so pretty!

After this picture Becca said "we are such dorks!" Cabo

Water Taxi over to the Beach in Cabo

I hope that after this picture I'm not dead too, but I couldn't leave it out! Becca can fall asleep in literally 10 seconds. She would be talking to me one minute, and then next she would be completely out of it. I took pictures because it was hard for me to believe that she wasn't faking, but she wasn't!

Our waiter was pretty hot!

Towel Monkey!

No idea!

Learning how to make towel animals

Mine didn't turn out so great :(

8 days together and still BFF's :) Never a doubt! So much fun! I'm so glad we got to go!