Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~My Temple Day~ August 15, 2009

On Saturday I went through the St. George Temple. It was such a great experience, and I felt so blessed to have so many people there to support me. I love all of you and want to you to know how important your support has been to me. This is once again picture overload, but I just love the pictures that were taken that day. It's not very often that you get that many of your friends and family in the same room, and we all know how obessed I am with pictures :)
Kacie, Cathy, Melissa, Me, Becca, and Jen

Melissa, Me, Becca and Jen. The best friends ever! I feel so lucky to have these girls in my life

Me and Bec..Oh and Jen! ♥ it!

Me and Melissa, she came all the way from Castledale to go through with me that day. Melissa has always been a wonderful example and has been trying for years to slowly guide me back to church. She is the best friend anyone could ask for and I couldn't love her more. Thanks so much for coming Melissa and thanks for never giving up on me:) Melissa did a cute post for me on her blog too :)

Me and Cathy I have taught next to Cathy for the last 7 years until this last year when she moved schools :( She has taken care of and loved me through everything I've had to go through in the last couple of years. She is so strong and close to the spirit and has taught me so much. She too never gave up on me! Thanks Cathy: I love you! Cathy did a cute post on her blog about my Temple Day..Check it out

Me and Becca, we share everything sisters do, expect DNA. Becca is my best friend in the whole world and I could never love her more!As much as I need her she never lets me down. I rely on her so much to help me through life, she is patient and understands me like no one else is able to. Her example of going to the temple weekly has been a huge help to me. I've never in my life been able to trust and open up to another girl the way that I do her. I love you lots Bec and could never ask for a better sister and best friend. Thanks for everything :)

Everyone knows how much I love Jen! She is in the RS Presidency with me and more importantly is the greatest friend ever. She's been through all it all with me lately. She's always willing to listen and give me advice. She is a wonderful example to me and has helped me so much to become closer to my Heavenly Father. She did a post on her blog about my Temple day that is great check it out I love you Jen!

Melissa, Becca, Me, Lacy, and Jen

Becca, Me and Kacie

Me and Melissa

Me and my sister Kacie. I can't say enough about Kacie. Her example and strength is awesome. Even when no one in our family was active she stayed strong and always knew what she wanted and went for it! I am so blessed to be able to call her my sister. I don't know how I would have made it without her. Thanks Kacie I love you so much and I am so grateful you're my sister!
Check out Kacie's blog too!

My Aunt Dawn Rae and her family came from SLC to go through with me. Also, my cousin Christan her husband Kenny and Kacie's husband Micah. I love my family so much and am so grateful to them. Thanks for coming guys :) Love ya lots!

Melissa, Me and Jen

Me with my mom and dad. I am so grateful to my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad for raising me the right way. For teaching me to work for what I want. For loving and believing in me, and teaching me never to give up. Through this whole thing I always said that if I was going to go back to church I was going to do it all and do it right, or not at all. I learned that from my parents and am so grateful to them. Thanks for lunch too Mom and Dad! Love ya!

Me, Mom and Kacie

I love these funny pictures! Hard to believe none of these girls knew each other before today. Obviously I pick friends that seem to be goofballs huh! I ♥ it!

Me with Tori and Jess

My friends at the Temple

The Lunch Table

~SaN DiEgo~ (With Picture Overload!)

Now that my camera card has been handed over I figured I can now post the pictures from Sand Diego...It was hard to choose, so warning TOTAL PICTURE OVERLOAD!!! I decided to just do a seperate post rather than try to fit the pictures in my other post.

Jayden in a hole!

Me and Bec, so we don't look too great but I love the background!

Caleb with his Boogie Board! So much fun!

I love this picture! It looks like it should be on a magazine cover.

Caleb riding the wave in.

Bec teaching Cooper to Boogie Board
Cooper rode the wave all the way in!

Me and my buddy Caleb

Caleb, Cooper and Jayden playing in the ocean

Jayden crawled on this thing and yelled "Hey T, take my picture!" It was so funny :)


Sitting in the "Soak Zone!"

The bird behind that fence tried to eat me!

4D Movie

Right before we got soaked!


Me and Jayden on the bumper cars! Gotta love this kid!

Me and Caleb on the roller coaster at Belmont Park.

Jayden Buried!

Cooper with his new ocean find!

Gotta love that smile :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~San Diego!!!~

I am dying to post pictures from our San Diego trip! Unfortunately, I can't do that yet! I took most of the pictures while we were there (Becca's camera died, and I've always been the picture taker anyway!) and I've promised her that I won't post any pictures online until she gets to look at them! Which is fair and I understand, but it's killing me already! So I'll post about the trip and then add pictures in later when Her Majesty! (j/k Bec) has looked at them. So I had made plans orginally to go to Vegas for 3 days right before school started I was excited about going, but let's face it I've been to Vegas lots of times! So Wed. Becca called me and told me she was planning on taking the boys to San Diego and that Jeremy wasn't going to be able to go with them. She never asked me to cancel my plans, but I really wanted to go! So I had a hard decision our Vegas plans were all set and everything. To make a long story kind of short I decided at about 10 that night that I wanted to go to San Diego instead, which I know now was totally the right decision! I hadn't been there since I was about 5 and really wanted to do something that was new before school started. Sooo we packed up and left at 7 the next morning. Becca hadn't told her boys where we were going just that they were going to have a "fun day" so it was so cute to see their faces when she told them they were going to be going to Seaworld and the Beach. I kinda blew it and Caleb heard me talking on the phone before they were suppose to know! (oops!) We got there around 2 California time and headed straight for the beach. It was awesome! I don't remember going when I was younger, so it was like the first time for me. It was so fun to just play in the water and jump into the waves. Becca went back to the truck for something and while she was gone Cooper and Caleb buried me in the sand. I had my eyes closed and couldn't see exactly how they were burying me. I have a picture, but I'm not sure it will be an "approved" one that I can post! After hanging out at the beach for awhile we went to a place called Belmont Park right by the beach. It had a lot of fun rides and stuff to do for the kids. I think Caleb went on every single ride. No fear for that kid! It was so fun to just see them run from one ride to the other and sometimes getting off and getting right back on the same ride. I have to admit the rides were fun they had some bumper car things that I more than enjoyed bumping into Bec with. We stayed there until after dark. On the roller coaster they had there when you got to the top it was perfect view of the ocean at sunset it was so pretty! The hotel was right by Seaworld and the Beach (perfect location!) we headed back and pretty much all crashed. The next day was Seaworld of course! We got there a little before it opened and stayed all day until it closed! We saw every show and went on every ride there. Becca and I are so much alike and like to have everything organized and thought out so we made good traveling partners. She was able to look at the schedule and plan it out to make sure we could see everything. The boys were such troopers keeping up with everything and just going with the flow. By the time we headed back to the hotel that night everyone was ready for bed! On Saturday we got up again and went to the beach. We couldn't leave without going one more time. Caleb noticed that there were a lot of people boogie boarding with the same board and figured we must be able to rent them somewhere. Well..he was right so Becca rented a boogie board mostly for Caleb and I. Him and I had the best time out there trying to "jump" and "ride" the waves. Caleb was my "buddy" for the trip. Becca wanted to make sure the kids stuck by one of us at all times since we were in so many places that were so crowded. He was so cute with me and stuck by my side and held my hand. He is such a cute kid and it was so fun to get to spend some real time with all 3 of her boys and get to know them better. Becca has told the boys that her and I aren't DNA sisters, but we are as close as sisters and think that we must have been seperated at birth so I get to be their "Aunt T" which I love because they are such cuties! Before we knew it, it was 4 our time and we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us, so we packed up and headed back to good ol' St. George! On the way back we stopped to eat and Becca went in to get something and asked me to watch the kids. Well....most everyone reading this knows that I'm not always good at being the authority figure so I was watching the kids in the sense of making sure they weren't getting hurt but I didn't know she was watching us out the window and in her words (I hope I get this right!) "I look out the window and Cooper is throwing french fries at you, Caleb is messing with the umberella standing on the table, and Jayden is dancing around throwing french fries at the garbage can!" What can I say :) The drive didn't see long at all, either way. When we were almost home I told her I couldn't believe that we had talked for almost 12 hours and never ran out of things to talk about. With the expection of the time we stopped Bec went in with Jayden to go the bathroom, so Cooper and Caleb wanted me to act like I was asleep when she came back. Of course she didn't buy it. I was burying my face in the pillow trying not to laugh while she sat there talking to me like I was totally awake until I couldn't hold it in anymore. I think I lasted all of about 2 minutes faking sleep. I guess actually can believe we talked that long in her words, "We were actually able to finish a conversation!" Both of our lives get so crazy that we very rarely have time to just talk, so that was actually one of the best parts of the trip. It never ceases to amaze me how alike we are in so many ways, and how I can really talk to her about anything. One of the many reasons I call her my Bestie!! Pictures coming soon, and they are some great ones :)

Look Who's 50!!!!

Today is my mom's 50th birthday! I can hardly believe I mean who knew that she could actually be THAT old! Just kidding Mom! Happy Birthday from your favorite daughter :) ha ha Kacie! Love ya and don't worry you don't look a day over 49!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodbye Highlights! Hello Dark Hair!!!

I decided with school starting and life starting to get busy again that I was ready to ditch my blonde highlights! I got some pretty bad highlights a couple of months ago. Since my cousin, Christan, moved I have had a hard time finding someone that can do a decent job! My awesome friend Jen was nice enough to do it for me and did a great job! I haven't been this dark in a long time, but it is actually really close to my natural color and I love it!

Jen dyed Colleen's hair that night too so afterwards we had a little photo shoot. I ♥ this picture and these girls!

Me and Jen. Love her to death!

So I can never pull pictures like this off. I always end up looking so unnatural and like such a dork. Colleen pretty much kept me laughing all night. I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff but she is hilarious!

So Jen is pretty professional and has all the stuff that a hair dresser does the cape, apron, paintbrush thing. Well..I decided wanted to take the cape off and that should explain the dye on my shirt! Thanks for a fun night girls :)