Thursday, April 9, 2009

Payton's Birthday! The Big Two!!!

So I'm a little late! Payton turned 2 on March 28th. My mom, Tori and I went up and stayed with Kacie for the weekend. Kacie wanted to get the kids pictures taken while we were there, but unfortunately Payton wasn't in the mood to get her picture taken that day. She kept getting off the picture thing and saying "Alll Done!" After about 3 hours Kacie finally got a few good pictures. Kacie had a little party for her that night. She was so cute and had so many presents that she got tired of opening them.
Here she is with her new bike
She had a nemo cupcakes for her cake and they had sooo much frosting on them. She liked it for a minute, but when she got tired of it she threw it over to me frosting and all and said her famous "ALL DONE!!"
I actually got her to smile in a picture with me!
It's hard to believe that she is already two. It seems like yesterday I was running up to that hospital room just hoping I wouldn't miss her birth. She is getting so big and is so smart! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this little girl.