Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Behind!!

I can't believe I have gone this long without blogging! I really do want to keep this thing up. My sister printed it out for me last Christmas and it is the best journal, but this year so far I have not done good! So much has happened and all my pictures are out of order. I am officially half done with my Masters. Still taking classes this summer which I don't love, doing homework in the summer stinks! The most exicitng thing that has happened is I have a new nephew! Jaxon was born on April 2nd and is the cutest little guy ever :)

Kacie and the kids came to visit last week it was so good to see them. I just can't get enough of this shirt and this little girl. I love her so much!

Me and my little love :)

four of the five cutest boys in the whole world!

While Kacie was here we were able to get together with Becca and the boys, it was so fun to have my niece and nephews all together. I love this picture of Treyson kissing Jax.

My newest nephew :)

Jaxon still in the hospital on the day he was born. I love his hair!

Jessica graduated from high school! Seriously! Where does time go? I am so proud of her and everything she has become. She is amazing and I love her so much!

She didn't love the cap and gown. It took a lot to get her to put it on for pictures!

Daniel and Seth came for the graduation and they loved hanging out with Trey!

The girls :)

Where's Kacie???

Cooper and Trey at the splash pad

All of my nephews and niece in one picture. You can't see Jax because he's in the stroller, but he's there. My two sisters too:) What a great picture!

Payt had fun swinging with the boys

Jess going to Senior Ball

Jess, Tori and I went to Vegas, went to the Temple and did some shopping.

Tori and I by the fish tank

Becca tried to put purple in my hair a couple of weeks ago, so we made a night of it. Her and Jax came and had a slumber party with me. It was so much fun. Jax mostly slept through the hair dying.

Putting the purple in :)

That was a really bad catch up with a ton of grammar mistakes I'm sure. but at this point I'm just glad to be sort of caught up. Hopefully I can be better!