Thursday, August 26, 2010

~One Big Catch Up Post!~

I had really good intentions of blogging about every trip and everything that happened this summer! Not because I think everyone really cares, but eventually I plan to print this out and make it into a sort of journal I guess. Well that didn't happen. Life has been crazy lately! I am in the process of getting my Masters in Education which means I'm stuck in class two nights a week after teaching all day and also stuck with the homework that comes with it. Luckily, my friend Chelsie has agreed to do it with me and it's made it a lot easier because we are able to do our homework together and just suffer through the whole experiene together :) So, school started August 11th. I am still teaching 4th grade and have 29 awesome kids! I don't know if they are just waiting to bring out their other personalities later or what but as of right now I feel so blessed! They are great and it has been so much fun! The pictures below are pretty much a mixture of summer and everything I had on my camera up to now.

I loved my classroom so much that I talked Becca into painting my bedroom. Of course she went above and beyond what I would have expected. I gave her the picture that I wanted and she did everything else. I didn't even tell her where I wanted it on the wall. I couldn't be happier with it though! Looks awesome :)

She also put this new desk in and painted the flower on it! I love the whole thing, my room puts off a happy feeling!

This is how you know you're besties! We both walked out of the bathroom wearing almost the exact same outfit and looked at each other and said "I'm not changing!" So we didn't we went through the day looking like twins. Didn't bug us at all.

The last week in July my grandma got a houseboat on Lake Powell for 4 days. It was such a great vacation. The whole family was able to come besides Christan and her family and Daniel and of course Chase who is on a mission. We had so much fun together boating and riding the jet ski. I was so glad my grandma was able to come and had such a great time. I am so thankful for the wonderful family I have. Here are a few pictures from our trip. I wish I would have gotten more but I was so scared of getting my camera wet that I didn't take it out on the boat too much, and that's where I spent the majority of my day.

Lake Powell is so pretty!

Jessica and I riding on the tube with Mark driving. Scary stuff, but so much fun :)

Tori and Krystle riding on the tube. Mark would whip Tori, Krystle and Zach around so much and they would just get right back on. My favorite saying of Zach's to Mark was "Is that all ya got Grandpa!"

Tori being Tori. I love this girl so much she just seems to make everything so much fun! Her and Jessica I just didn't catch Jessica in action. Any time I get to spend with these two anymore I treasure because they are both so busy. I love both of them so much and miss being able to see them all the time.

I had planned on going to Indianapolis with MaCail and Kara over the same time we went to Lake Powell. The Lake Powell trip was kind of a last minute thing, but luckily I had decided not to go to Indianapolis, not because I didn't want to go but just because of how much it would cost and with school being close and everything. I would have loved to go with Kara and MaCail we always have so much fun together. I was really glad though that I hadn't bought plane tickets and everything because I really wanted to go to Powell with my family. I took Kara and MaCail down to Vegas to the airport and made Becca go with me so I would have some company on the way home. This is all of us at Caesars Palace waiting to eat at the Cheesecake Factory!

Becca, MaCail and I decided to walk around Caesar's Palace a little while we were waiting and saw this really cool glass thing. You can't see it very well but it's a good picture of all of us!

Becca went down to Vegas to take her LPN test and took the night before to study, so I got to watch the boys overnight. We had so much fun! I love her boys and spending time with them. We went swimming, to the park ,played video games and lots of other stuff. They were so good I kind of wondered if they might get a little nervous at night never staying here before overnight, but they didn't. Jayden came in early in the morning and told me he had a bad dream but just curled up next to me and went back to sleep. It was the cutest thing ever :)

In July, My mom, Kacie, the kids and I went to California to visit my great grandpa Just. He is 89 and is still in great shape and gets around so good. He has a girlfriend that is 64 :) We went to the beach in Malibu. It was so pretty! It was so good to see my grandpa and get to spend time with my sister and mom.
Here are my grandpa Just and Mom with the Payton and Treyson.

Treyson and I at the beach. I love this kid :) He is such a cutie.

Payton and I at the beach in Malibu. Love her so much too :)

My grandpa Just and I by his 77 Lincoln. This car is the best! He is leaving it to me in his will.

All of us by our favorite car!

Jen and I wearing matching shirts. I showed up at Jamaica's and there she was in the exact same shirt I was wearing, great minds think alike! I love Jen so much and am so grateful for the wonderful example and friend she is to me.

So I guess that's it my life in a quick post. One last thing sad bit of news :( My sister and her family moved to Portland last weekend. I can't believe that I'm not going to be able to see them anytime I want anymore. I am going to miss my sister and of course the kids so much :( I plan to make some trips to Oregon though. I've never been there before so it will be a new adventure for me!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~June California Trip! Seaworld, Knotts Berry Farm and the Beach!~

I have three vacations I need to blog about so I figured I would start with California back in June and hopefully get the other two on here soon! At the end of June I went to California with Beccca and the boys. We went to Knotts Berry Farm the first day, a really cool science musuem the next day, Seaworld the next, amd then the Beach on the last day. On the way home we hit the rides on the top of the Stratosphere. We had almost every minute planned out it seemed, but that's the way I like it, and it was so much fun! This is the second year I've got to go on vacation with her and the boys and I love it! Hopefully we will be able to make it a summer tradition :) My pictures are not in any order.
Me holding a starfish at Seaworld. I loved watching Cooper at Seaworld with all the animals and especially with the Starfish. I think we came back to this place three different times.

Bec and I with our yellow ponchos, and boy did we need them to sit in those soak zones at the shows.

Jayden and I at the science museum.

There were some scary rides at Knotts Berry Farm. Most that Jayden and Cooper didn't want to go on so I went on with Caleb. He is such a little daredevil and wanted to do all of them, so I had to pretend I wasn't scared!

At the hotel the first night :)

Knotts Berry Farm

a water ride at Sea World.

Caleb and Cooper at the beach

Bec and I at the beach

Me and Jayden

Jayden buried in the sand

At the top of the Stratosphere after driving way too long!

The boys at the top of the Stratosphere