Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two Busy Weekends!!!

The last two weekends have been crazy! On May 3rd ♥Treyson♥ got blessed, so Tori and I headed up to Springville and spent the weekend up there. On May 10th my cousin, Daniel, had his missionary homecoming. Jess, Tori and I headed up to SLC for that. He gave an awesome talk! It was great to be able to spend time with staying with my sister and being able to play with my niece and nephew. However, I am glad to be home this weekend and enjoying a lazy Saturday. Here are a few pictures from both weekends.

Payton with Treyson, all ready to get blessed

Tori trying to do Payton's hair

Cute little Treyson in his blessing outfit. Micah did a great job blessing him.

I love this picture of Treyson

me, Tori and Daniel

Daniel and Treyson
Daniel and Jessica.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

♥Happy Mother's Day♥

Since I didn't get to see my mom today (My cousin Daniel's missionary homecoming happened to fall on Mother's Day in SLC) I have to tell her how much I love her and appreciate everything she has done for me. Here are a few things I love about my mom and a few tthings she's taught me.
*She has always put My dad, Kacie and I before herself.
*She's always quick to forgive me, but she always understands when it takes me longer and I find it harder to forgive her.
*She's a great cook.
*She taught me to be responsible and to always keep my word.
*Her and my dad put me through college, which allows me to have the job I love today.
*She taught me to look for filth!
*She puts up with me even when I don't act as mature as I should.
*She offers to help me with all the extra school things I take on.
*She's strong. She's been through a lot and has survived some things that I don't know I would have been able to.
*She always made me do good in school even though I tried so hard to fight her she made my life miserable until I got good grades. I'm thankful now :)
*She's really crafty, and can make just about anything. (why didn't I get that gene?)
*She never makes fun of my job!
*She's very non judgemental.

Those are just a few of the many things I ♥ about my mom. Happy Mother's Day :) Hope everyone had a great day :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Had to Post this Picture

So I stole this picture off of my sister's blog, but I had to have it. This is my cousin Zach with Payton, but would you look at that shirt! "My Auntie ♥'s Me. I wonder who bought her that shirt? Is she the cutest or what!